Paul Kearney’s series cancelled

I haven’t read the latest installment of The Sea Beggars: This Forsaken Earth, by Paul Kearney. I am one of those little drops of water that did not enlarge, enhance, and generally add to Kearney’s sales. And, well, Bantam (UK) Spectra (US) have pulled the plug.

I am extremely disappointed, because Kearney’s The Mark of Ran was excellent. It was powerful, old and new at once. It was guts and heart and tears.

It’s not my fault, I’m just one person. And there have been SO many books. I was going to get around to tFotE. I’d write a review and tell people. Someday. Not many people read my reviews (at wotmania and here) anyway. It never seemed important.

Well. It was.

EDIT: I bought it. Copies are running out. 😦


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