I was away; I am back.

* Lots of books were published.

** I can’t afford any of them. Mourn for me.

*** I do, however, have a backlog of books to write about. So never fear!

* Storytellers Unplugged has undergone a site redesign. I dislike it intensely. But the articles are still as cool as ever, so I shall endeavour to not judge the blog by its template.

** Its latest article is excellent.

* Joss Whedon and others did something that soothes the hurt in our souls caused by the writer’s strike.

** The last installment comes out tomorrow, and I am – and no doubt you are – hella excited.

* Look what’s coming! (The page is a trifle behind the times, but still.)

** To remind you all of my idealistic leanings so you will like me more, count the number of women on that list. It won’t tell you anything important. Just consider it training.

* Shadow Unit just finished its first season.

** Await, with bated breath, my review of the same tomorrow.

* Capitalism is weird.

** Sign up for the Tor-Forge Newsletter! (And other stuff, but I don’t care about those. Much.)

I shall see you all tomorrow! (Well. I shall be here tomorrow. I’m not sure you all will be here. Much has been lost while I was away. A willing audience is but part and parcel of that.)


3 responses to “I was away; I am back.

  1. Yay!
    And now I have found a user name to reply with — I have no idea what happened to the old one.

    I intend to watch the Sing-along blog thing when by brain stops working tonight. Tor has said he will keep me at Uni until midnight, and my brain should shut down in an hour or so. Maybe three if I stretch it with proper procrastination. But I have been trying to watch the Sing-along blog since it came out, and there has always been some technical badness hindering me.

    I am a good girl and dutifully ignored all your links to books because
    a: I have no money
    b: I have no time
    c: I have no will power

    But. I am glad you are posting again. I have re-entered your blog in my toolbar-thing in Firefox.

  2. Turns out I could not watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog when my brain gave out because:

    a:It is Tuesday, and on Tuesday the blog is not longer in the Blogsphere; it has removed to the more profitable iTunes-world.
    b:I am in Norway.
    And Norway, as we know, is not Civilization, and because it is not Civilisation, iTunes does not sell television things to people who are there. So I have to wait. And wait. And waitandwaitandwait until I get back to Scotland (yes, Scotland is Civilisation, apparently). And then I shall see it.

  3. Also, I have grown fond of listing things.

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